Podcasts that emphasize how to utilize the Scriptures in taking you to the next level of victory available to your from God the Father, in the Name of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit

Kingdom Lessons

Online lessons made available to you that provide foundational truths from the Scriptures designed to ground you in the faith and guide you to finding your place in God's purposes and plans

Life in the Fast Lane

Want to experience all that God has for you? Watch videos of what is happening in the streets as we display the power of God to save lives, heal the sick and broken, and bring deliverance to those in need.


It's Not About What You Have...

It's about what you give away. Not just financially, but every area of our lives should be an "epistle", or letter, that represents what the Gospel is all about, and the difference it can make in the lives of those who allow God to do His part.

Dull Life?

If you think Christianity is boring you have been living on the wrong side of the message! The messages found here will equip you to become more Christ-like, and thus lead a more fulfilled life that has eternal purpose that provides a daily benefit.


Next Steps...

Become part of the E4I community as we search the Scriptures for life-changing and life-challenging truths. You will not be spammed with endless useless information or begging for money. But in the Spirit of Christ we can share one anothers successes and failures and as part of the Body of Christ help one another find our place.