First, the call to every believer is to make the Bible, the Word of God, THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your Christian walk. It is the Word of God that gives us guidance, hope, comfort, peace in the midst of the storm, and the Words of Jesus Christ. This is no joke, believer.

"God placed us in one of the greatest areas of spiritual need in the entire world. Over 80 million Americans do not read the Bible or even own one." - David Rambo

The one book that defines Christianity - the Bible - is the most loved, and least read of any book in the world. Bible reading has declined sharply over the years. And with it Bible knowledge as well. "What the assaults of liberal theologians couldn't do, and what the attacks of atheists couldn't do, now Satan may accomplish through a much more subtle strike." (Woodrow Kroll, Taking Back the Good Book: How America Forgot the Bible and Why It Matters to You, 2007).

“The Bible is the puzzle piece without which a picture of lasting faith is incomplete. The more data we collect, the more evidence we find that a person’s view of and approach to the Bible is a key indicator of Christian faith that lasts. For example, a young person is more likely to continue in her faith commitment if she is engaged with the Bible than if she is active in a local church." (The Bible in America: The Changing Landscape of Bible Perceptions and Engagement, Barna Group, ed., Ventura, CA: Barna Group, 2016. 12. [emphasis added]).

Second: Our Call for You is to make the Bible a vital part of your everyday life. Consequently we are designing a discipleship program that will help the local church lead believers to re-engaging with the Bible through our READIT program.

Six Principles Found When We Engage the Bible: God’s Word will…

R - Rejuvenate One’s Relationship with God

E  - Equip the Saints for the Work of the Ministry

A  - Accentuate the Positives and Negatives in One’s Life to be Addressed

D -  Disciple the Body of Christ

I  - Inspire One to Have Faith In God.

T - Thrust One into Fulfilling the Great Commission

Eight Principles (or Absolutes) for Establishing a Viable Bible Literacy Discipleship Program…

  1. Biblical Literacy, defined as engaging God’s Word on a daily basis, guarantees success in all walks of life, regardless of trials and tribulations
  2. Biblical Literacy must be a core component of Local Church mission statement and exemplified in its teaching/preaching.
  3. Biblical Literacy must be a commitment for Church Leadership at all levels, both paid and volunteer.
  4. Biblical Literacy will refocus the believer to the one central reality true for all believers: a living relationship with Jesus Christ; which can only come from a vital relationship and experience with His Word.
  5. Biblical Literacy will fight against the moral complacency and sinfulness found in the Church today.
  6. Biblical Literacy will overcome the lack of growth within the Church and lack of engagement with the World.
  7. Biblical Literacy will reestablish the family as defined by Scripture, thus reestablishing the influence of the Local Church in the 21st century.
  8. Biblical Literacy will establish the Kingdom of God in the believer’s life, and thereby ensure the believer seeks to please God over pleasing oneself.