In the end the ultimate search is to be part of a community. The longing for companionship and fellowship is deep within all of us, put there by God the Father Himself. Come here to find that community wellspring of life.

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Another very important aspect every believer in Christ must have is well-balanced, thorough teaching (And well-balanced does not mean leaving out the faith message!!). Here you will find podcasts and printed material for your maturing in Christ.

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Fellowship with God

Our greatest fulfillment is found in a relationship with God Himself. Whether you find yourself surrounded by friends and family, or are completely alone - In Christ you have what you need to survive and thrive. We will share what God's Word reveals is ours in Christ.

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IT's All About the message

In today's world the messages from all walks of life, religions, political views and philosophies flood cyberspace and television. A day does not go by that someone is "shouting from the rooftops", as it were, that they need to be heard; that their message is important and can change your life. Unquestionably what one believes is of vital importance. But how do you know if the message your believe is true? More so than that, is there an ultimate truth to believe at all?

The message you find here will be one of faith, hope and love. The challenges may be many, but will also be well worth tackling. If you have searched for something real, to bring meaning to your life and give you a hope for your future you will find it here. Why? Because that hope and future is found in one person - Jesus Christ. Follow us and find out what a difference the message found in Jesus Christ can make.


Connect with us

Become part of the E4I community as we search the Scriptures for life-changing and life-challenging truths. You will not be spammed with endless useless information or begging for money. But in the Spirit of Christ we can share one anothers successes and failures and as part of the Body of Christ help one another find our place.